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Energy Healing for Pets

The benefits of Energy Healing for people has been widely recognized and documented. For animals, the benefits of Energy Healing can be even more dramatic because animals do not enter into a healing session with any preconceived attitudes or expectations. Animals have an innate ability to know what will help them heal. They are drawn to the high vibrational frequencies of energy healing work. They feel safe and assured allowing them to readily accept energy healing which rapidly enhances their well-being. Energy Healing can help animals in much the same way it helps people. It heals on the emotional, mental and physical level. We all need to have balance in all three of these areas. Energy Healing can also be used preventively because our energy fields are out of balance long before an illness or disease presents symptoms. With Energy Healing, I am able to clear negative energies that you or your pet are holding from past experiences that may be manifesting physically and/or emotionally. Once those old energies and blocks are cleared, you and your pet will feel better physically and emotionally. Benefits for Rescue and Shelter Animals Energy Healing is particularly beneficial for rescue pets. Because animals are so sensitive to the energies of the people around them and their environment, many shelter pets exhibit undesirable behaviors as a result of stress and trauma. Energy Healing can adjust the emotional connection to past experiences. As a pet parent, your emotions and state of mind are paramount to the healing of your animal. When I provide Energy Healing to your animal, I link you into that process so that you receive the healing energy, too. How Many Energy Sessions Will Your Animal Need? The number of treatments depends on the condition being treated, the age of the animal, and their response to the session. Chronic conditions will generally need more sessions than moderate conditions. For emotion-based symptoms, one or two sessions will usually take care of it. For therapeutic and preventative healing, a session every couple of months is beneficial. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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