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Animals Have Chakras, Too!

The Chakras are energy centers found in our aura, or energy field. They are located at various points along the spine and serve as portals for regulating the flow of our energy. In people, there are seven primary chakras and the most widespread number of minor chakras is 21. Minor chakras are tiny points that channel and feed energy through our primary chakras.

Just like humans, animals have an aura, primary chakras and minor chakras, too. In animals, the energy field is much larger than in people. This is due to the natural survival instinct in animals. Their aura instinctively absorbs more sensory information than ours does. Animals receive and distribute sensory information through their chakras individually. This makes them more sensitive to subtle vibrational frequencies that we humans often cannot sense.

The location of an animal’s primary chakras parallels the location of primary chakras in people. Even the associated physical, emotional, mental and spiritual relationships to each chakra are similar. However, animals have an eighth major chakra that humans don’t have that is called the Brachial Chakra.

Although the Brachial Chakra is often referred to as a “minor” chakra, it is the primary energy center in all animals and a direct link to their other major chakras. It is also the center that forms and carries their connection with humans. When working with animals, we always begin with the Brachial Chakra.

As a pet parent, you want your animals to feel happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. If you would like to learn more about animal chakras and how you can work with them to enhance your animals’ lives, please join me for one of the Animals Have Chakras, Too! classes that I will be offering both at my office in Mount Horeb and at Robin’s Center for Wellness in Platteville beginning in the fall of 2023. Class schedules can be found on our respective websites:

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