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Animal Communication

As a telepathic animal communicator, I receive messages from your animals. Sometimes I hear their sweet, little voices and sometimes they communicate through visual images and symbols. I perceive the feelings, thoughts and emotions of the animal. These connections are rooted in the heart with love. It is my honor to become an open channel bridging an animal and their humans to promote love and healing for the Highest Good of all involved.

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By connecting with your animal, you can learn . . .

* how your animal is feeling about life in general

* how recent changes in your life or theirs might be affecting them

* if your animal is experiencing pain, fear or anxiety and how you might best help them

* if your animal has passed, find out what their transition was like and how they are doing now

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Have you ever wondered why your pet is doing some of the things he/she is doing? By using a photo of your pet, I connect with the Higher Self of the pet, whether they are still with you or have passed. Readings can be conducted in person but we can also conduct your reading via phone after you email your pet's photo to me. 

The cost for a reading is $50 for half an hour and $90 for an hour.

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